Dorner’s world-class food handling and processing conveyors are highly sanitary and built to operate at fast speeds. These conveyors have earned a stellar track record in helping businesses maximize their efficiency and productivity levels in achieving their full potential.

If your business requires custom food processing equipment, Dorner is uniquely positioned to develop specially made conveyors that meet our customers’ vision for enhanced workflow.

Benefits of Dorner’s Food Handling and Processing Conveyors:

  • Designed for fast and effective sanitation
  • Custom designed solutions for unique systems
  • 3 sanitary levels configured to your application
  • Cleans up 2x faster than the competition
  • Less to clean with Dorner’s hygienic design
  • Dorner’s commitment to food safety

Food Handling and Processing Conveyor Applications

At Dorner, we believe food safety is paramount. We understand the concerns and challenges facing teams in the food handling industry. Whether your food needs are in bakery and confectionary; dairy and cheese; ready-to-eat foods; meat, poultry and seafood, fruits and vegetables; or any other foods, our AquaPruf Series conveying system can meet your needs.

Dorner can also provide the following conveyor accessory add-ons:

  • Belt scrapers
  • Guiding
  • Conveyor covers
  • Chutes
  • Drip pans
  • Deviators
  • Automated controls

Dorner Food Handling and Processing Conveyors Provide Safety Beyond Your Products

Dorner’s food handling and processing conveyors are designed to meet industry standards and regulations as well as operator safety standards, including:

  • BISSC (Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee)
  • FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
  • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)
  • USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • CE (Conformité Européenne)
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

See Dorner’s Food Handling and Processing Conveyors in Action

Dorner’s Stainless Steel and Sanitary Conveyors, also known as our AquaGard and AquaPruf platforms, are designed for fast and effective sanitation while offering protection from contamination.

Custom Food Processing Equipment

When your business needs a specially made solution, you can count on Dorner! As a leading-edge commercial food processing equipment manufacturer, Dorner is known for creating custom food processing services and equipment for our customers

Our custom food processing equipment is designed by our talented, full-service Engineered Solutions Group. Our team can modify a standard solution to meet your business’ needs or collaborate with you to build a wholly custom system.

Our Engineered Solutions Group will work with your team from concept to completion. Our custom food processing equipment design process includes needs analysis, CAD modeling, mechanical design and other services.

Dorner’s AquaPruf Food Handling and Processing Conveyors Boast Innovative Design

Dorner’s AquaPruf Food Handling Conveyor Series has been engineered to promote fast and effective sanitation, from wipe down to daily high-pressure washdown with chlorinated cleaners.

Hygienic Designs

Less Worry About Your Product Quality
  • Tool-less disassembly. Cleaning prep in under a minute, complete disassembly in less than 3 minutes
  • Optional frame cut-outs and belt lifters for continuous access to inside of the conveyor
  • Tip-up tails allow for quick release of belt tension
  • Continuous TIG-welded 304 stainless steel frame
Confidence in Your Food Handling Equipment
  • Designed and manufactured to food equipment standards
  • BISSC & USDA certified conveyors
  • FDA approved materials and components

AquaPruf Ultimate Conveyors Are Built for Demanding Environments

Our AquaPruf Ultimate Conveyors have been designed for fast and effective sanitation in the most-demanding environments. These environments generally involve high-pressure sanitation requirements and include dairy and cheese, ready-to-eat foods and/or meat, poultry and seafood products.

AquaPruf Ultimate Conveyor Benefit Highlights
  • All surfaces on internal frame components are polished to 32 microinch, except belted product.
  • All bearings are external to the conveyor and a minimum of 25 mm away from the food zone.
  • Drive sprocket design includes a quick cleaning system to ensure cleaning can be done below the sprocket surface.
  • Patent pending idler tail cleaning system on Modular Belt and Positive Drive Belt models.
  • Belting / Chain offered meet strict 3-A, USDA and NSF requirements.
  • All support stands use only sanitary threadless feet designs.
  • Radii on all internal components meet the 6 mm (0.25″) standard requirement.

Food Handling and Processing Conveyor Installation Services

Dorner is recognized as a leading conveyor manufacturer and also a top food handling and processing conveyor installation company. Our experienced engineering team can visit your facility to ensure your equipment is set up so that it performs at peak capacities. Our food handling and processing conveyor installation service is comprehensive, encompassing delivery, staging, setup and training on your equipment.

If you plan to manage installation internally or work with another contractor, we can send a certified Dorner service team member to act as an on-site supervisor.

Commercial Food Processing Conveyor Training Services

Training can help reduce downtime and increase your team’s safety, efficiency and productivity levels. Dorner’s expert field services team delivers on-site training in safety, maintenance, troubleshooting and other areas.

Our food handling and processing conveyor training can be conducted in groups or with just a single team member. Our training can be held during or after conveyor installation. Your team will also have 24/7 access to first-rate online resources such as videos and guides.

Food Handling and Processing Conveyor Maintenance Program

Dorner offers a food handling and processing conveyor maintenance program that involves only labor or labor and parts. Our service starts with an on-site evaluation of your facility’s food handling and processing conveyor(s). Once we assess your needs, we’ll produce a custom plan with our recommended service intervals.

Dorner’s food handling and processing conveyor maintenance program covers a wide range of tasks, from inspection and adjustments to debris removal and lubrication. If your business is on Dorner’s labor and parts plan, you will also receive a 10 percent discount on parts.


Food Handling & Processing Conveyors